CEO Seminar Series & Speaker Events

Thousands of executives have attended our seminars to gain practical insights into attaining their goals using our strategies, tools, and techniques.  We will share with you and your team unique ideas and approaches to empower you to deal with today's fast-paced information overloaded world - to make more optimal informed decisions.

Seminar  Leader

  Dr. Robert D. Solomon - MIT Ph.D. - Trillennium Founder & CEO

Experience Thought Provoking  Briefings


Interactive chats with your executives, managers, and key thinkers
● Discussion of provoking new business concepts to challenge old thinking
Arrive at new ways to make more revenues and increase the bottom line.

PC-Empowered Thinking

  Leverage your PC and knowledge to empower your mind.
Get a major edge on your competition - learn to do what they can not do.
Handle much greater levels of complexity and cut through complication

Achieve Breakthroughs
In  A ThinkRoom


How to stop wasting time in countless meetings with limited participation
● Capture, organize, & structure all of the attendees' facts, ideas, & opinions
Quickly reach consensus & resolve issues to  achieve breakthrough results.

Collaborate To Tap Hidden Assets


● Transcend departmental agendas to cross-functionally  work together
Learn to solve high value, cross-functional, and multi-disciplinary problems.

Become An Intelligence Driven Enterprise


How to go from today's organization to a Third Millennium unbeatable team
Leverage the full power of your information, technology, and methodologies
Learn how to collaboratively manage complex situations.