PC-Empowered Thinking

Empower Your Mind with a Large Visual Area Concept Processor

Learn one-of-a-kind thinking methods, strategies, & techniques to leverage much more of your mind and your under-utilized PC to achieve what neither can do alone - to become UltraLiterate

Think in whole new ways and accomplish more in less time.  Understand and apply new techniques to represent your problems and structure information to see connections, patterns, and solutions.
Go beyond the limitations of your K-12 and institutional education, small visual area PC, and overwhelming textual unstructured information.

These success-proven methods are trade secrets from Trillennium Corporation's Executive Consulting practice.  You will learn
scores of new ideas and techniques to make you more competitive and move you into a new league of Empowered Thinkers.

1.  Turn Your PC into a Concept Processor™ (CP)
Move from the realm of a pen-and-paper literate person toward becoming a PC-enabled UltraLiterate.  Transform your Desktop or Notebook PC into a multiple LCD panel Concept Processor™ (CP) Learn techniques to efficiently manage and work with much more of your information in an expanded full view. Eliminate the now you see it now you don't syndrome.

 Match Your Mind to Your PC and Information
A concise primer on what you need to understand about your brain and eyes to much more effectively work with your PC and information.  How to naturally use your PC to accomplish more in less time and comfortably manage increasing information.  Avoid the problem of out of sight out of mind.

3.  Leverage Your Knowledge & Information
Learn new ways to efficiently capture vital unstructured information, easily organize your thoughts, and instantly retrieve whatever you need.  Truly put your information at your fingertips. How to apply hardly-ever-used powerful features of MS Word in special ways to enhance your thinking.

4.  Go Beyond Linear Text – Visual Understanding™
Use our new DynaGram™ methods to capture and represent your information and knowledge. Better understand complex issues by seeing connections between concepts and facts.  How to graphically build and see the big picture so you can gain new insights and reach profound ”AHAs”.

5.  Build Your PC-Empowered Thinking Skills
Learn new ways to use your existing PC applications to turbocharge your thinking.  Expand the capabilities of your mind by interacting with your PC and information in new ways.

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