Executive Briefings

"Dr. Solomon gave us a whole new vocabulary to crystallize our thinking so we could better understand our business and plan for the future."
- Jeff Beegle
Director, Docusource
Bell Atlantic

"Solomon's words of wisdom catalyzed a whole process of beneficial change in our organization."
- Pete Sylvan
Chief Gatekeeper

"Robert provided
high levels of energy,
enthusiasm, and
education at our annual strategic planning meeting while also being very entertaining and enjoyable."
- Ron Conheim
VP, Marketing

"I have never absorbed
and understood so much as in our one day session with
Dr. Solomon."

- Chuck McKay
Senior VP

The CEOs Three Devils - How to Beat Them
Break through the three most common barriers to innovation, growth, and profit:
     "Devil you know is better than the one you don't know" - inhibits change
      "Devil's Advocate" - often missing - learn from mistakes, anticipate fatal flaws
      "Devil is in the Details" but the Creation and solution is in the Big Picture

You Can Solve "Impossible" Problems
How to revisit seemingly "impossible" problems & irresolvable issues with
    techniques for seeing the whole big picture to gain new insights.

Beyond the Barriers of Babel

How to get departments to share information so they can solve cross-functional
    problems without upsetting the existing "power" structure.

Earn Higher Profits By Inverting Pareto's Law
How to off-load some of the 80% that gets you only 20% and get more of the 20%
     that gives you 80%.
Going to 10 / 90 in six easy steps

Avoid the KISS of Death
How KISS- (Keep It Simple Stupid) limits companies from profiting from
     challenging new opportunities  - how to Keep It Simple Smart
How KISS+  (Keep It Simple Smart) uncomplicates the complex and punches
     through major barriers without over-simplifying and missing key connections

Synthesizing Synergy - How to Achieve More With Less
The secrets of collaboration and synergy where 1 + 1 >> 2
Learn how to early recognize doomed expensive undertakings so they can be
     rescued  and fixed or killed to save the cost of failure
Due to tradition and turf issues many of the activities of a company are not really
      needed or can be done at much lower cost and in more effective ways

Augmented Intelligence - The New AI
How a new Third Millennium set of tools & techniques can enable your top people
      to collaborate and innovative as a composite multi-disciplinary genius
How cross-functional teams can learn enough of each others' core concepts to
       understand multiple perspectives and make new breakthroughs

Tap Your Hidden Corporate Assets
Learn how to uncover & exploit your core technologies, experience, & other
      strengths in whole new ways.
How to address unrealized customer needs in today's economy

Third Millennium Rock Soup
How to achieve immediate collaboration - going beyond politics & personalities
  Triumph over Turf -  solving cross-functional problem &
        resolving inter-departmental issues

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