Become an Intelligence-Driven Enterprise

Build your portfolio of intelligence assets and much better leverage your team, information, and technology to create increased customer perceived added value

Executive Briefing Topics

1. Gain a Significant Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Tools and methods which meet the challenging opportunities of the 21st Century
How to go far beyond the limitations of traditional serial, sequential speech and text (paper and pen) based literacy.

2. Compelling Financial Justification  -  Map, Measure, & Motivate
Map all issues to decision making, measure the hidden costs of poor intelligence, determine ROI of improved decision making to enable a call to action

3. Overcome Political Barriers
How to go beyond mere consensus & resolve turf issues.

4. Infuse New Methodologies
Managing greater complexity - dealing with information overload
Proven methodologies to enable you to go beyond the traditional, limited approaches to problem solving, communications, and collaboration.

5. Build New Infrastructures
Tools to capture knowledge and experience, and enable visual thinking.
Creative, powerful methods to better represent thought.
ThinkRoom Results Meetings - parallel polling and voting systems.
IntraNet applications - telecommuting and groupware.

6. Becoming An Intelligence Driven Third Millennium Enterprise
 Turning Toward An Intelligence Driven Enterprise - initial steps
 Transitioning To An Intelligence Driven Enterprise - intermediate steps
 Transforming Into An Intelligence Driven Enterprise - full set of steps.

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