Structured Collaboration

Achieve breakthrough growth & increased profits by from the wealth of untapped combined knowledge, experience, & thinking within your organization

Executive Briefing Topics

1. Gain a Significant Sustainable Competitive Advantage
How improving your ability to collaborate will enable you to profitably pursue new realms of business opportunities.
What six organizational issues you must deal with to reap the benefits of collaboration.
How to NOT disrupt the organizational structure while achieving the benefits of collaboration.
Building an unleveled playing field - create a sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Measure the Gains & Benefits of Collaboration
Measure the ROI from substantial improvements in the ability to quickly solve multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, and inter-divisional problems.
Benchmark your organization on the Trillennium Organization Cooperation CO-Scale.
Effectively leverage professional knowledge to vastly increase your intelligence assets.
Avoid high cost of fads - instead build fundamental core thinking and collaboration skill competencies.

3. Resolve Organizational Issues
How to structure your teams to tap into and combine their talents and diverse thinking styles.
What new organizational structures, incentives, HR and legal policies are needed to encourage collaboration and achieve greater collective intelligence.
How to overcome the 15 Barriers to Collaboration which plague most organizations
How to effectively reduce information hoarding, professional "turf", and job security issues and more easily transcend personality and "chemistry" issues.

4. Develop New Thinking Skills
Managing Complexity - information structuring, and synthesis via
Multi-Dimensional Thinking and Core-Concept-Based Learning.
How to collaboratively work together to creatively solve complex problems.
Realize greater collaboration through a shared IntelliBank, On-line Devil's Advocate Reviews, and Post Mortems.
Empower collaborative groups to effectively achieve "collective synthesized genius" results.

5. Build Appropriate & Customized Collaborative Infrastructures
Tools to capture knowledge and experience, and enable visual thinking.
Creative, powerful methods to better represent thought.
TEEM™ Meetings and parallel polling and voting systems.
IntraNet applications - telecommuting and groupware

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