ThinkRoom Process Seminar

The ThinkRoom™ Process is the culmination of over 100 person years of R&D to create a results-oriented thinking and problem solving environment that can handle the challenges of today's complex, complicated, changing world.  It is a synthesis of techniques which span psychology, sociology, brain science, creative and critical thinking, information theory, graphic syntax, PC technologies, and many other fields.

TRILLENNIUM is offering its ThinkRoom™ Process Program to a select number of qualified companies.  Our custom program consists three different types of modules:

A.  Customized environment modules for new thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

B. Consulting session modules to demonstrate and apply the ThinkRoomProcess™
to your high value business challenges and opportunities.

C.  Educational, training, and coaching program modules in the new methodologies, techniques, strategies, and approaches.

ThinkRoom™ Process is results-oriented - it enables intelligent professionals and leaders to aggressively attack formidable problems and to take advantage of rare opportunities in a tight time frame.

ThinkRoom™ Process is a unique integration of six essential components:

1.  Concept Processor (CP) Hardware -  computers, displays, proprietary electronics, keyboards, control consoles, special viewing surfaces, furnishings, etc.

2. CEL (Conceptual ELement) Processing Software - proprietary and customized off-the-shelf software, macros, and templates applied creatively to manipulate and gain new insights from information..

3. New Technology-Enabled Methodologies - Multi-Dimensional Thinking
& Visual Understanding - new tools, techniques, and approaches.

4. Business Wisdom IntelliBank -  structured core concepts, models, skills, knowledge, experience, and wisdom for generic business situations and specific industries assembled over decades of diverse industry and multi-specialty, cross-functional experience.

5. HumanWare  - new proven techniques, guidelines, and approaches to enable people to effortlessly and comfortably participate, contribute, and transcend information hoarding, turf, and job security issues.  To transcend the limiting PPP issues of Personalities, Politics, and Power.

6. Intelligence Asset Measurement - new ways to translate a variety of invisible intellectual assets into financial measures.   We advise top management how to best redeploy their investment portfolios and budgets to better leverage their assets of people, information, and technology and how to overcome political and power issues.

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