Painlessly Implement Change


• Tactics

Financial   Restructuring

• Organization


Products &

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• Operations

Companies often elect -- or are forced -- to make major changes
in their operations, strategy, markets, products, and/or technology due to internal or external factors such as:

Acquisitions, mergers, reorganization

Changes in ownership or management

Poor financial performance

Changes in the marketplace

New (e.g. foreign) competition

Erosion of markets or product lines

Decreasing market share due to competitor innovation, cost
    reduction, price/performance, new features, or service

New technologies

Changes in the basis of competition

Loss of key personnel

Ramifications of cost cutting

Economic, legislated, or other business climate changes

TRILLENNIUM's Transformational Management Program enables your management team to define their business purpose and the company's current state and articulate where it would like be. We then formulate understandable Big Picture views to help you develop action-oriented plans which take the best minimum risk trajectory to achieve your strategic transformational goals.

TRILLENNIUM uses a financially oriented analysis and planning approach which considers the current market, product, and technological position and existing operations. The key factor for mission success demands a realistic understanding of the resource constraints and assessment of the capabilities and experience of the organization.

Quite often, in-place management and key personnel are too close to the day-to-day operations, the company, and the industry, to step back and take a broad inter-industry, cross departmental, multidisciplinary view of the current state and the available options. In addition, departmental, divisional, or other political concerns may dominate during times of transition, just when companies require unbiased, objective thinking and the perspective of a constructive Devil's Advocate.