Trillennium Track Record
180 clients spanning a dozen countries, 26 states, and 75 industries

Corporate Consulting $2B Revenue Lift & $400M Bottom Line Lift

Composite Executive Annual Retainers 37 Client Years

Acquisitions Assessment $750M Deals

Product Development 85 Products   > $1B Market Value

Manufacturing Automation $1B New & Retrofitted Plants

 Pioneering Product Firsts:
       Laser Printer, LCD Projector, Color Slide Printer
       Display-Based Instrument, Display-Labeled Dynamic Keys
       Graphics Terminal, Distributed Building Management System
       Color Facsimile, Electronic & Credit Card Gas Pump
       FFT Spectrum Analyzer, IV Infuser, Fototone NTSC Picture Phone
       Concept Processor, ThinkRoom, Ultra-wide Screen 3D

 Pioneering Management Firsts:
        International Global Development Team with Localizations
        Instantaneous Consensus Collaboration Methodologies
        ThinkRoom-based Augmented Collective Intelligence
        POSotiation Conflict Resolution, Business Wisdom IntelliBank
        Synthesized Genius via Combined Expertise
        Venture Productions International >> Venture Capital + Incubator