ThinkRoom Results-Meeting

Go beyond boring, ineffective traditional meetings of un-captured conversation and one way presentations.

Move forward together to build solutions to problems & resolutions to issues. 

Be instantly fresh from meeting to meeting.

Go Beyond Today's Limited Meetings
Surpass antiquated slow capture on flip charts or white boards.  Transcend Post-It notes and other techniques which reduce many ideas to just a few terms in a long, unnecessarily ritualized process where critical information and their links are lost.   Instead, retain and interconnect all valuable ideas.

Immediately tackle much more complex problems - collaborate vs. delegate - evolve, enrich, and complement the traditional hierarchical, departmentalized organization.

Participate in interactive presentations and dynamic visually-enriched discussions - capture and link concepts which cannot be represented simply with serial bulleted viewgraphs and charts.

Accomplish the "Impossible"
Deal with much more information in real time - computer flip charts hold much more information than their low-tech counterparts, are much clearer and more readable, and do not get messy as you expand or edit concepts, and allow you to rearrange and dynamically juxtapose concepts.

Achieve the open minded, big picture, innovative thinking that is required to create new visions, strategies, markets, and products to grow the business and meet challenging goals.

Directed  Collaboration - Solve "Impossible" Problems
Solve problems involving numerous highly interactive issues which cannot easily be hierarchically organized and delegated.

Work across discipline and department boundaries - solve seemingly "impossible" multidisciplinary problems, and resolve tough cross-functional issues.

Achieve Breakthroughs & Resolve Complex Issues
Immediately capture, view, rearrange, and comprehend in parallel a large number of Conceptual Elements (CELs - facts, concepts, thoughts, ideas, issues, concerns).

Collectively manipulate hundreds of facts and ideas in real time and capture their relationships to gain new insights - to see subtle nuances and integrated multiple perspectives of the whole.