Tap Your Hidden Assets

Much better leverage your technologies.

Cross-fertilize your technology between other divisions.

Commercialize your military technological assets into marketable commercial products.

TRILLENNIUM works with companies which are primarily military and government contractors or vendors to help transfer their technology to the industrial, commercial, and occasionally the consumer sector. This technology can take the form of products, manufacturing processes, or generic concepts (e.g. in software) which can be adapted, modified, combined with other technologies, or simply reapplied to new applications.

TRILLENNIUM Technology Transfer Program Successes

Application of space program real time guidance software
    algorithms to machine controls
• Utilization of heads up display and flat panel technology to
Ophthalmologic medical instrumentation
• Adaptation of ASW sonar digital signal processing to machine health
   and product vibration testing
• Redesign of a military radar system for oil tanker navigation and
   drilling platform security systems
• Modification of satellite image processing technology to multi-layer
   printed circuit board inspection systems
• Adaptation of military sensor systems to monitor fluid levels in oil
    refinery tank farms

TRILLENNIUM develops creative approaches to leveraging the client's technology and know-how and innovates new applications derived from its extensive multidisciplinary experience and familiarity with a wide range of industries, markets, products, and manufacturing processes.

TRILLENNIUM also helps multi-division corporations to transfer technology between divisions.  Such synergies can occur at product, process, and systems levels.

Areas of Expertise

Software - Human Interface, Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Control

• Manufacturing Automation Systems, Process Control

• Information Systems, Data Bases, Local Area Networks

• Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Hypertext

• Instrumentation, Smart Sensors, Biomedical

• Mechatronics, Robotics, & Intelligent Machines

• High Speed Systems - Vision, DSP, Embedded RT

• Video, Facsimile, Color Image Processing, Hypermedia