Selected Client Testimonials

"We had some very difficult choices to make - it seemed so complicated. After a few  sessions it became clear - so simple - it all made sense - the decisions became obvious to our group." -  CEO, Oncology Services

"...the Trillennium Multi-Dimensional Thinking processes are a real agent for change at our company. The ThinkRoom session focused our thoughts and ideas into powerful, workable solutions to our new manufacturing plant development and implementation problems." - CEO, Kendall

"After years of struggling with a major branding problem, in just one ThinkRoom session we had it licked in less than a day" - Senior VP, Norton

"We never before achieved so many "WOWs and AHAs" as when Dr. Solomon and his staff helped us to identify and articulate our key strategic issues." - GM, United Technologies

"Trillennium comes to more important realizations much faster than anyone I know.  Its the way they capture our ideas and concerns and how they see relationships.   They can tell you things that are very important and obvious once you hear them - but we would never have realized them on our own." - Senior VP Marketing, IBM

"Trillennium gave us an insightful new way of looking at our international development team utilization challenges and enabled us to shorten development time."
- CEO, Satam

"We never made decisions so fast." - Group President, GTE

"Trillennium's  techniques helped us to accomplish more in one day on our inter-divisional reorganization than we were able to achieve over the past months." - VP Marketing & Sales, General Electric

Trillennium developed the most comprehensive view of our business that I have ever seen.  Unlike the big consulting firms, they really think outside the box." - VP, American Express

"We were able to quickly generate and converge on a number of innovative ideas for our marketing campaign. Many more of the ideas were feasible and could be immediately implemented compared to those from our old style of conventional brainstorming." - Program Director, Bell Atlantic