Transform Your Organization into an
 Intelligence-Driven Enterprise

As an Intelligence-Driven Enterprise you will profit from the ability to tackle new realms of business opportunities

Punch through formidable barriers
Solve seemingly "impossible" cross-functional problems
Un-complicate complexity to gain a sustainable competitive advantage
Empower your teams to meet the challenges of the 21st Century
Overcome local sub-optimization to make more globally optimized decisions
Create successful new strategies, products, services, and partnerships

                              Intelligence Goes Far Beyond Information !
"...information availability is not enough. It must be accompanied by extensive training in ways to develop the information, record it, analyze it, and act upon it."  -- Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos

Information today is overwhelmingly available, but it is merely the raw material. Organizations must learn how to transform information into innovation and action. They must transition from Industrial Age models and behaviors and go beyond the Information Age - to the Age of Intelligence.

                                                      What is Intelligence?
"Intelligence is the power of meeting any situation, especially a novel situation, successfully by the proper behavioral adjustments; the ability to comprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action toward a desired goal" -- Webster's Dictionary

Intelligence is the key asset which enables your organization to effectively:
Be empowered to meet Novel Situations Successfully - formulate strategies to deal with greater complexity and faster rates of change.
Make the Proper Behavioral Adjustments - develop a "smarter" organization that can cooperatively share and apply its collective experiences and know-how.
Comprehend Interrelationships - put together and make sense out of   vast amounts of information and  transform it into revenue-producing actionable intelligence.
Take Goal-Oriented Action - build the necessary intelligence infrastructures and skills to creatively solve increasingly complex multi-disciplinary and cross-functional business problems and make more globally optimized decisions.

Take Steps To Becoming A Third Millennium Intelligence-Driven Enterprise
Realize enormous gains by building an environment that supports your leveraging of information, knowledge and experience, and fosters internal collaborative efforts.
1.  First achieve short term ROI with a well-defined near term future action plan
2. Then plan a set of goals which you can comfortably transition towards
Next transform your company and build your portfolio of intelligence assets
4. At last secure your competitive position in the third millennium.