Devil's Advocate Review

Our Devil's Advocate Review is an impartial, objective, constructive process to anticipate major pitfalls and critical oversights.

 Protect your investment in strategies, plans, programs, and products.

We detect, correct, & avoid "inevitable" costly mistakes.
The Trillennium Devil's Advocate (DA) Review process can be applied to your corporate strategic and business plans, development programs (new products, services, and/or systems), and other major initiatives and projects. We ask probing questions and examine issues from different perspectives - to avoid pitfalls in your  implementation.

We question basic assumptions, discover alternative approaches to reduce time and costs.
CEOs can now go beyond their organization's  inside-the-box thinking and their limited experience outside their fields of expertise. Information uncovered in the audit process and in meetings with your staff often reveals critical issues which, if undiscovered, would have added considerable risk and cost to the project and limited its successful implementation.

We are upbeat, positive, & apolitical.
Since we are removed from the internal politics, we can take an objective, critical, top down look at the client's project. The DA Review can de-hype overstated ideas, identify risks, and propose alternatives. The approach is not to criticize, but rather to support the team by constructively suggesting one or more solutions to problems uncovered in the review.

The DA Review takes an upbeat, non-threatening approach. We strive to win respect and trust and to be seen as a team member who brings a broad, fresh outlook and contributes new ideas, perspectives, and relevant information to help make the project a success.

Trillennium has closely reviewed hundreds of plans and projects in numerous industries.  We leverage our unique experience in dealing with a wide variety of problems resulting from acquisitions, cost reduction, reorganization, new manufacturing or information systems, and applications of new technologies and methodologies.