Structured Collaboration

We tap the  undocumented tacit knowledge, experience, observations, beliefs, and concerns of your key team members.

We structure and share our evolving composite big picture with the team to resolve issues and arrive at a much more accurate picture of the problem, situation, or opportunity.


Our Directed Collaboration Programs enable you to
Achieve unprecedented growth
Get out of the rut of flat business
Forge new business partnerships
Make workable acquisitions
Develop differentiated products
Penetrate lucrative new markets
Leapfrog the competition
Dramatically increase profitability
Substantially cut costs
Execute your vision
Implement your "wish list"

We enable teams to overcome tough barriers
Develop a more complete vision of the future which accurately anticipates competitor moves, customer needs, advances in technology, changes in regulations, and other key factors.
Identify critical future trends, see opportunities, and anticipate threats.
Decrease time to market and new product development cost.
Utilize and proliferate new technologies more quickly.
More effectively leverage your untapped company intelligence assets
Reduce wasteful internal competition
Tap into the "goldmine" of disconnected and buried information and
    build a more complete and accurate picture of your problem.

We enable Real Collaboration - putting together the ideas, knowledge, and experience of several people - to do what no one person can do
Complex problems cannot be simply divided up and delegated down  the standard hierarchical compartmentalized organization.
Real Collaboration is not just teamwork or improved communications - it is the ability of people to critically reason and think together interactively or separately through Visual Understanding.

Indirect Individual Collaboration
Sometimes schedule conflicts or the realities of personalities and politics preclude face-to-face meetings.  In such cases, we use Indirect Collaboration to capture individual ideas and issues in one-on-one meetings and build a connected picture of the different perspectives of the whole cross-functional problem or challenge.  As our picture emerges, we are able to elicit more information, resolve conflicting views, and determine the truth in follow-up interchanges