Case Studies

Strategically defined a new technology-based business unit for the president of a $1.6B division of a Fortune 100 company.
Assessed a multitude of concepts and factors to strongly position in-house technologies relative to the competition. Structured numerous issues with Visual Understanding maps to readily enable marketing and technical teams to formulate a successful business plan and establish long range strategic objectives.

Enabled international collaboration of marketing, engineering, and manufacturing departments in five countries to produce a common, localizable, complex product.
A long term retainer program to implement commonality programs and resolve the problems of differing international standards, cultural preferences, and market characteristics. Multi-Dimensional Thinking and ThinkRoom™ methodologies enabled teams in England, US, France, Germany, and Brazil to collaborate to develop a single common localizable product in half the projected time and development cost and 70% of the anticipated product cost.

Innovated new US and UK corporate structures for a $140M Instrumentation Company.
Identified major cultural differences in general management, leadership, financial, marketing, engineering, sales, and service which were leading to declining sales and profit.  Innovated a new organizational structure which respected major US and UK differences and implemented a goal-setting feedback system.  The first year result - 25% growth, 40% increased profits.

Substantially decreased time-to- market from 36 to 18 months for a 300 person engineering department of a Fortune 100 Company.
Identified and resolved the communications and information structure problems which delayed introduction of new products. Formulated new methods to enhance current operating methods and provide good communications.

Set up a central common research laboratory organization to serve  ten major divisions of a Fortune 500 Corporation.
Determined areas of core competencies, political issues, feasibility, and ROI  in developing the action plan for staffing the required skills. Formulated an innovative method for corporate and divisions to finance the central operation.

Created and implemented an executive management system to enable a Fortune 100 company to build four new world-wide manufacturing lines in parallel.
Initiated Structured Collaboration between process control, plant engineering, quality, R&D, and management information systems functions to define systems architecture, interfaces, responsibilities, and staffing requirements.

Inverted Pareto's Law to greatly increase the profits of a broad product line vendor.
Developed strategic partnerships with smaller competitors to enable the client to solely focus on high turn profitable products and still maintain the image of a diverse supplier to its distributors and customers.  Increased sales 30% and bottom line 25%.