Make Acquisitions Work



Uncover hidden assets and liabilities.

Achieve long term synergistic success.

Leverage strengths in product, service, manufacturing, processes, systems, distribution, and customer base.

Avoid poor acquisition decisions due to inadequate or superficial information generated solely from an investment banker's perspective without an in-depth understanding of the technologies and marketplace, or because of a subtle mismatch of corporate cultures.

Corporations must enter into acquisitions not only to grow, diversify their portfolio, and improve stockholder ROC, but also to more forcefully compete in markets by expanding geographic sales and distribution positions, enter new markets, and synergistically leverage new product and manufacturing technologies.

We go beyond the standard financials and analyst reports to provide you with a penetrating examination of your pending or past acquisition's markets, technological assets and resources, manufacturing and information systems operations, and organizational breadth and depth to uncover the subtle nuances which differentiate and distinguish the successful acquisition.

We identify and quantify hidden weaknesses and liabilities:
• Antiquated manufacturing processes
• Inadequate information systems
• Product life - vulnerability to substitution technologies
• Non-viable long-term market due to indirect competition trends
• Management limitations
• Required investments for new product development, patents
• Inadequate past funding of R&D or process infrastructures
• Hidden organizational problems

TRILLENNIUM uncovers & discovers hidden assets to:
• Leverage the acquisition candidate's sales and distribution channels
• Apply its technology (patents or proprietary know-how) in innovative
    ways to new products and markets
• Identify opportunities for overhead cost reduction, product upgrades,
    and improved market penetration
• Utilize its manufacturing and information systems and expertise.